All You Need To Know About Patwaris


The primary duty of the patwari, a government official, is to maintain records of all the land inside the villages that he is responsible for supervising. Also known as the village accountant, the patwari. The patwari serves as a mediator between the government and the farmers. When people want to learn anything about their country, the patwari is the first person they should contact or interact with.

Additionally, if any character is interested in learning more about buying or selling a particular plot of land, they must first speak with the local patwari. As an alternative, you can consult the state’s land information website for information about land ownership, including the Khasra or Khatauni numbers of the proprietors.

Even though land information is now stored online, the patwari is still responsible for conducting a manual survey of the property to determine its size. Additionally, because touch is the primary sense, the patwari has a great deal of authority. The patwari can serve as a mediator, particularly in cases of a land dispute. Following Section 126 of the State Revenue Act, patwaris are appointed. The deed demonstrates the district collector’s ability to employ patwaris. The patwari is responsible for maintaining records of landowner rights.

Among the several tasks and responsibilities of a patwari are:

  • Sizes of the land, both residential and commercial, in detail. It also includes agricultural land.
  • In the event of any disputes relating to land management, the second act as a mediator.
  • Third, maintaining their accounts and land information.
  • Fourth, maintaining the facts on the collection of sales.
  • Fifth, keeping track of the production of plants and their output.
  • The sixth series includes irrigation dues and sales tax.
  • Seventh, the patwari must signal the files containing the information about the land in the event of a land sale or purchase.

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