All You Need to Know About the Maid Visa Dubai

About 5% of UAE’s population are domestic workers and the demand for domestic workers is on the rise. According to a recent study, the total expenditure on domestic help in the UAE is around $3 billion per year. Hiring domestic help is considered a competitive advantage in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Many families in the UAE have at least one maid working full-time. Some families have more than one maid. If you want to hire domestic help in UAE and get a maid visa, read our latest guide for the latest costs and requirements.

Domestic Workers’ Obligations 

As the employer of a domestic worker, it is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the UAE rules and regulations when hiring a domestic worker. This includes following the terms of your employment contract, as well as other duties that include: 

  • Providing the worker with the necessary facilities to carry out their duties efficiently 
  • Providing adequate accommodation for the worker 
  • Providing food and clothing for the worker 
  • Ensuring that remuneration is paid on time 
  • Providing medical care or health coverage 
  • Providing respect and safety for the worker 
  • Compensation in case of work injury and occupational diseases

Domestic worker’s duties

Under the supervision of your employer and following the terms and conditions of your employment contract: 

  • Maintain high standards of care & diligence while performing your duties. 
  • Do not miss work for any reason. 
  • Adhere to the traditions and customs of the UAE community. 
  • Follow the instructions of the employer regarding the execution of your agreed work. 
  • Take care of and dispose of the items in your possession/workstations by following the appropriate safekeeping procedures.
  • Respect the privacy of your workplace keep work tools/workstations inside the workplace at all times. 
  • Provide support and assistance in case of disasters/hazardous situations that endanger your workplace and occupants.

What are the categories exempted from the UAE’s new domestic worker’s law? 

Maid and nanny recruitment is restricted to licensed agencies in the UAE. However, certain residents are permitted to hire domestic helpers under their sponsorship. This category includes Golden Visa holders who can sponsor unlimited domestic helpers, such as housemaids, cooks, nannies and babysitters, gardeners, family drivers, farm workers, private tutors, private nurses, personal trainers, personal assistants, and guards.

How to bring the maid to Dubai UAE? 

The first step is to verify that you are eligible to sponsor home workers. The second step is to decide how to bring your workers to Dubai. You can either hire a specialized agency or initiate the process yourself. Tadbeer centers offer various packages for bringing maids to Dubai.

The third step is to prepare the documents. The maid visa application process is similar to your visa application. For example, you will need to obtain an entry permit for your maid. Your maid will also have to go through a medical checkup within 30 days after entering the country. You will need to provide a copy of both your maid’s passport and your sponsor’s passport. 

  • Your sponsor’s residence visa and marriage certificate. 
  • Your original Emirates ID. 
  • Your maid’s medical fitness certificate (issued in her country). 
  • Your bank statement for the last three months. 
  • Your accommodation or tenancy contract with at least two bedrooms. 
  • Your salary certificate in Arabic (for government employees) or in English (for private employees). 
  • Your labor contract from your sponsor’s employer 
  • And three passport photos

Step 4: Take the maid to Dubai Once you have found the right maid, you can begin the process of sponsoring and bringing the maid to the UAE. This process includes several steps: Getting the maid’s work permit Medical Fitness test and Emirates ID registration Getting the Domestic Worker identity card.

Step 5: Getting the Emirates ID for the maid You can get the Emirates ID for your maid through an authorized typist or the official government portals.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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