Aspects to remember before canceling an apartment booking


Home purchasers may be compelled to conclude their home-buying adventure prematurely for causes beyond their influence. There have been numerous recent examples when customers were forced to cancel their reservations owing to the unexpected lack of money caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. In other circumstances, the buyer may alter his or her decision upon uncovering a flaw in the property. In any case, they must cancel the apartment reservation. This is a situation that every buyer should examine before embarking on their home-buying adventure.

What transpires if you withdraw a flat reservation?

What happens if you wish to drop your flat booking depends on the contract and circumstances of the builder-buyer agreement and whether or not this agreement has legal validity – that is, whether or not the builder-buyer agreement has been filed. If you purchased the property from an independent retailer, the terms and conditions outlined in the sale agreement will apply. It is worth noting that all terms and conditions of a registered builder-buyer agreement or agreement to sell will be lawful, particularly if they are skewed in favour of the selling party. This is why it is critical to read the agreement to sell and the builder-buyer agreement.

Flat booking cancellation and return of token money

Typically, a buyer pays a portion of the transaction value as ‘token money,’ also called as bayana in India. When the two parties provide their in-principal consent to the contract, the buyer typically pays at least 1% of the transaction value as token money to the seller or function Object. The documentation has yet to begin at this time.

If you are purchasing a brand spanking new apartment in an under-construction project from a builder, the buyer must organize for another instalment of the upfront payment, which is normally 10% of the property’s worth, whereupon the deed is stamped to achieve legality. If you are purchasing a resale home, the payment plan will be unique. In this circumstance, purchasers are often required to pay in two instalments.

The seller cannot deduct any money from the advance payment as long as the agreement is not registered. If the buyer can successfully bargain, he may be entitled to get his total purchase price repaid.

Cancellation after the builder-buyer contract has been recorded

Cancellation at this juncture is expensive from the buyer’s perspective. “Once the builder-buyer agreement is recorded, the seller has the legal authority to forfeit a percentage of this payment.” According to Sanjor Kumar, a Delhi-based real estate dealer, “every builder-buyer agreement is worded differently, and accordance with the terms and circumstances listed in the agreement, the buyer would have to give up a portion of the total cost.”

Because it is now a buyers’ market, real estate developers do not need customers to lose the whole booking cost, according to Dheeraj Nigam, a Noida-based real estate broker. “This is taken as part of their brand-building activity and to acquire the loyalty of the customer.” Unless a buyer is deliberately attempting to ruin the sale, developers are willing to reimburse the booking price as long as the cause for the cancellation is real and valid,” Nigam asserts.

Things to remember

  • Until the builder-buyer agreement is recorded, the buyer has no legal rights to the property. This is why it is critical to document and register everything.
  • Obtain a receipt from the vendor for every transaction and preserve all versions safe with you.
  • Examine the cancellation provision attentively and request that it be altered if you think it to be significantly in favour of the vendor.
  • To decrease the possibility of mistakes, hire a legal expert to perform the duties.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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