Digital Technologies: Developers are adopting amidst COVID-19

Who would have thought that the tech advancements and innovations will be a boon to the real sector in such COVID situations? The transformation is likely to reshape the future of the infrastructure industry of India. 

Owning or Renting: what is more beneficial amidst a crisis?


The unprecedented situation in a way has proved to be advantageous for homeowners rather than for those who have rented the accommodation. 

Restarting Construction Sites : Following certain guidelines during lockdown 2.0 are must.


Currently, construction projects are halted, but certain things need to be followed at a construction site after the lockdown is lifted.  

Remarkable trends that may begin during Corona pandemic


The Corona pandemic has affected the real estate sector. This has resulted in subdued demand and liquidity crises for a longer period. Also, there’s a shrieking halt of new developments and pushed the feasible recovery further away by a few years.  

How Cultural Heritage Benefits Real Estate

Preserving cultural heritage is like conserving gold. It is an asset for a country which attracts tourists from all over the world. Not just tourists but it also attracts real estate buyers.

Four essential lessons for Real Estate from the COVID-19 crisis


The Covid-19 crisis has taught us most important lessons on how to survive pandemics. Real Estate is the severely hit sector that needs to convert old methodologies into new digital modern technologies in future. 

Extension of Real Estate project completion deadlines by RERA


The halt in the construction activities due to coronavirus outbreak has a major setback on India Realty. The lockdown and movement of workers to their homes back in villages are affected the construction activities. In view of the current scenario, RERA has relaxed the project completion deadlines.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, the deadlines of property tax have been extended

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken up the whole economy, while struggling to combat this disease government has given a relief in property tax deadlines.  

Measures by the government that could revive Real Estate


The government is undertaking measures to recover the real estate sector affected by COVID-19. 

What are the important things that you need to know about EMI Moratorium?


In the COVID-19 crisis, RBI has a relief for borrowers by allowing a moratorium of 3 months on EMI installments from 1st March to 31st May 2020.

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