What is the House Registration Process in India? Details, Documents, Process and Charges

Buying a home is like going on a grand adventure filled with anticipation, excitement, and the promise of a new beginning. But much like any adventure, it comes with its set of challenges and obstacles. Imagine standing at the threshold of your dream home, the key in your hand, and knowing that you’ve managed every […]

How to Apply for Stamp Duty Refund in Maharashtra Online?


Imagine a scenario where Priya, a potential homebuyer in Maharashtra, pays stamp duty for a property purchase that later falls through due to unforeseen circumstances. This situation raises the question: What happens to the stamp duty already paid? Fortunately, the Maharashtra Stamp Act, 2017, provides for a refund in such cases, especially if a crucial […]

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges: A Guide to Property Transactions in Tamil Nadu 2024

In the realm of property transactions, understanding the intricacies of stamp duty and registration charges is crucial for both buyers and sellers. These charges vary from state to state in India, and Tamil Nadu is no exception. Let’s delve into the specifics of stamp duty and registration charges applicable in Tamil Nadu in 2024.

Understanding Stamp Duty and Property Registration in Navi Mumbai: Your Complete 2024 Guide

In the realm of real estate transactions, two crucial aspects play a pivotal role: stamp duty and property registration. Stamp duty is a legal tax levied on various documents to give them legal validity, while property registration involves the formal process of recording the transfer of ownership rights from one party to another. These processes […]

Understanding Stamp Duty on Rental Agreements: A Beginner’s Guide

Stamp duty on rental agreements is a crucial aspect of property leasing transactions, impacting both landlords and tenants alike. Understanding its implications is essential for ensuring legal compliance and safeguarding one’s interests.

Do Banks Provide Loans for Stamp Duty Payment?

In the realm of real estate transactions, the term “stamp duty” often surfaces, representing a significant financial obligation for property buyers. When considering property purchases, it’s crucial to understand the financial implications, including stamp duty payments. But here arises a common inquiry: Do banks offer loans for stamp duty payment? This article delves deep into […]

Understanding Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Hyderabad, Telangana

In the vibrant city of Hyderabad, Telangana, where tradition meets technology, understanding the intricacies of stamp duty and registration charges is crucial for anyone venturing into the real estate market. We, at PropertyPistol, believe in empowering our audience with comprehensive knowledge, ensuring they make informed decisions. Let’s delve into the details of stamp duty and […]

Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Lucknow Real Estate

Buying a property is a significant milestone, and understanding the associated costs is crucial for a smooth and informed real estate transaction. In this comprehensive guide tailored for our Indian audience, we will delve into the intricacies of stamp duty and registration charges in Lucknow. From the calculation methods to exemptions and recent changes, let’s […]

Stamp Duty Requirements When Gifting Property to Relatives in India

The act of gifting property to a relative in India is a common practice rooted in cultural values, familial ties, and a sense of generosity. However, beyond the emotional aspects, it is crucial to understand the legal implications, particularly in relation to stamp duty. This article delves into the question: Do you have to pay […]

Rajasthan builders greet government’s move to extend stamp duty till March 2023


Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday announced the rebate of stamp duty. Bringing a ray of hope for the pandemic stricken real estate sector.

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