Bharat Gaurav Trains: Southern Railway becomes the first zone of Indian Railways to be recognized as a service provider.

Following document verification, the zonal railway granted authorization to a Chennai-based service provider who had registered in the approved portal.

The recently created ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’ Scheme makes Southern Railway the first zone in India to have a registered service provider. A Chennai-based service provider who had registered on the specified portal had got clearance from the zonal railway after the document was verified, according to a Southern Railway news release. The Southern Railway zone will assign the train/rake on a Right to Use basis for a defined number of years if this service provider registers the demand online, stating the type and number of coaches. The rake will be used by the service operator to operate thematic tours according to the itinerary approved by the national transporter.

What is Bharat Gaurav train: Indian Railways has launched the first-of-its-kind Bharat Gaurav Trains initiative with the express objective of presenting the country’s rich cultural history as well as spectacular historical sites to the general public. Indian Railways will provide service companies the “Right to Use” of its rakes under this arrangement. 

The following are among the most notable elements of the Bharat Gaurav railway system:

  1. The “Right to Use” of Indian Railways’ rakes and infrastructure would be made available to service providers.
  1. Individuals, companies, partnerships, societies, trusts, consortiums, joint ventures, and government agencies interested in conducting train services can register on the website by selecting the relevant zonal railway. The operator must pay a one-lakh registration charge.
  1. The operator will have the ‘right to use’ for a minimum of two years and a maximum of the coaches’ remaining codal life.
  1. Under the NRC plan, the operator can also buy coaches directly from Indian Railways’ production divisions.
  1. Operators can choose a business strategy and a price for these trains based on the degree of service they provide.
  1. The operator will offer guests an all-inclusive package that includes hotel accommodations, rail transport, visits to historical/heritage sites, sightseeing arrangements, and tour guides, among other things.
  1. Both inside and outside the train, advertisements and branding are permitted.
  1. A minimum of 14 coaches and a maximum of 20 coaches, including two SLRs, should make up the rake (Guard Vans).
  1. Coaches will be allocated to all qualifying applicants or registered operators, depending on availability.
  1. Operators can choose unfurnished coaches and outfit them as needed, such as with a make-up room, a bar, or any other specialised tourist demand.

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