Bigha: All about land area measurement unit


Along with other globally acknowledged measuring units, the bigha is one of the regionally adopted units of measurement which continues to be common in India.

What exactly is bigha?

In India, a bigha is a traditional unit of land measurement which is used to quantify huge land parcels. Bigha does not have a set size, therefore, refers to a variety of land sizes in distinct destinations.

States that use the bigha as a land measuring unit

Bigha is a popular word in India’s northern states. Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal all use bigha as an area measurement standard. Nevertheless, because there is no standard size associated with this unit, bigha signifies a distinct land size in each province And that is why bigha is being used to describe geographical differences.

It is also used in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Fiji, which are all neighbors. Bigha is a unit of measurement that is used to measure enormous areas of land all over the world.

What is the size of a bigha?

The size of a bigha varies depending on where it is located. Because the square foot is now the more widely recognized unit of land measurement in India, we’ll use it in the chart below to give you a clear understanding of the size of one bigha.

1 bigha in square feet

StateUnderstanding of 1 bigha
Assam14,400 sq ft
Bihar27,220 sq ft
Gujarat17,427 sq ft
Haryana27,225 sq ft
Himachal Pradesh8,712 sq ft
Jharkhand27,211 sq ft
Punjab9,070 sq ft
Rajasthan1 pucca bigha = 27,225 sq ft1 kuchha bigha = 17,424 sq ft
Madhya Pradesh12,000 sq ft
Uttarakhand6,804 sq ft
Uttar Pradesh27,000 sq ft
West Bengal14,348.29 sq ft

How can I simply convert bigha to other units?

When it pertains to area conversion, many may be quite knowledgeable. As yet, measurements in the local region can differ.

Other common area conversion factors

UnitConversion factor
1 sq ft144 square inches
1 Square Yard (sq yd)9 sq ft
1 Acre4,840 sq yd
1 Hectare10,000 sq mtr (or 2.47 acres)
1 Bigha968 sq yd
1 Bigha-Pucca3,025 sq yd
1 Biswa48.4 sq yd
1 Killa4,840 sq yd
1 Aankadam72 sq ft
1 Cent435.6 sq ft
1 Ground2,400 sq ft
1 kanal5,445 sq ft (8 Kanals = 1 acre)
1 Kuncham484 sq yd
1 Chatak180 sq ft
1 Guntha1,089 sq ft

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