BUIDCO – Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited

Bihar is one of the most populous states in India. The state has long been among India’s most significant states and is located in the center of the country. Yet, the government has fallen behind some other states in several key areas throughout the last five decades, including employment, economics, roads, and development.

Bihar’s administration has made significant efforts to make the state one of India’s most affluent. The creation of the Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (BUIDCO), the state’s top authority on infrastructure development, is one of the government’s efforts.

What exactly is BUIDCO?

The Bihar Urban Development Corporation (BUIDCO) is the state’s top urban planning authority. Currently, the state ranks low in terms of urban population densities. The BUIDCO, meanwhile, has been the institution in charge of overseeing the state’s shift to an urban-dominant state, as the state appears to be quickly urbanizing nowadays. The BUIDCO’s headquarters are in Patna’s Maurya Lok. In 2009, the institute was founded.

Infrastructure initiatives by BUIDCO.

Bihar’s government founded the Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited to speed up infrastructural development in the region, and it owns 100% of the company. The BUIDCO is responsible for a variety of infrastructure development projects, including:

  • Commercial, residential, and industrial structures are all included.
  • Construction of roads, highways, expressways, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure.
  • Pipelines providing safe drinking water and sanitary infrastructure are examples of water services.
  • Power stations, transformers, and power cables are scattered over the state’s electricity infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure for education and healthcare.

The BUIDCO has aided in the implementation of many Asian Development Bank and World Bank-funded projects, including the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

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