Advice on Purchasing Commercial Land in India

Commercial real estate is one of India’s fastest-growing markets. This category typically includes offices, retail establishments, institutions, and industrial complexes. Simply described, commercial property is property that is owned to create money. Whereas many people prefer constructed facilities, commercial plots have gained popularity due to larger profits, speedier resale, and fewer investment expenses as opposed […]

Why is now the perfect moment to invest in Mulund commercial real estate?

Inflation is one of the most important financial threats that the entire globe is now experiencing, and India is not immune. In an inflationary environment, it is difficult to find an asset class that can outperform inflation and yield a better real rate of return over time. Fortunately, the current inflationary economic scenario makes real […]

Real estate for businesses in the era of the hybrid work model

As the world has changed, so have the people, economies, and governments that have emerged from the second wave of the epidemic. The laws of the past have been revised for the present and the future. Businesses are genuinely focusing on the need for the modern generation to increase productivity, maximize customer satisfaction, and tap […]

Renting a commercial property for ATM Installation: A Complete Guide

The requirement for ATMs across urban centers increases as the population & financial inclusion grow. If you have a commercial property, you can get profitable returns on your investment by leasing your property to banks for ATM installation. Generally, when a bank needs rental space, that specific bank publishes the advertisement with the property requirements […]

About Tax on Commercial Property

It cannot be stressed that commercial real estate is a costly proposition since you have a chance of gaining the double benefits of capital price appreciation and predictable month-to-month income via leases. However, there are few notable differences between residential and industrial dwellings in terms of obtaining tax benefits.

Top 4 commercial realty trends to watch in 2022

When it comes to commercial real estate in India, growing demand drivers are attracting considerable interest, as this is where the major money, especially international investors, is anticipated to stream in. As a result, experts are assessing the future commercial property demand drivers. This might be in terms of company or geography. 

What is net absorption in commercial real estate markets?

Any difference in leased space in a certain commercial sector or location between both the present and previous time periods is known as net absorption. The difference between both the commercial spaces relinquished by companies or tenants in a given time frame and the spaces snapped up by them or similar commercial enterprises in the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Commercial Real Estate


All you need to know about commercial property taxes


In India, the commercial belongings tax is based on “real belongings.” Municipalities use the money raised from these taxes to build roads, colleges, and public facilities.

No GST On Commercial Buildings Leased Out As Hostels: HC Karnataka


In a recent judgment, Karnataka High Court (HC) has ruled that – Leasing of residential premises as hostels to students and working professionals will not attract any Goods & Services Tax (GST).

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