Everything to know about Rental Agreement Process

Most people, when moving into a new city, prefer to rent an apartment on a year-long lease rather than buy or spend their nights in a motel. Apart from renting living spaces, people can also opt to rent flats, entire sections of a building, or a floor for offices, storage, and even a small production […]

Ways to become rich with real estate investment in 2021

In real estate, there is no shortcut to becoming rich quickly or making money overnight. But, by investing wisely, you can slowly and steadily build wealth. There are various ways to become rich but real estate is the safest one. With the right advice, determination, and systems, it is all possible.

All you need to know about the real estate acts

When it comes to purchasing a property, it becomes essential to understand a set of laws. This task might seem a bit difficult for a regular homebuyer. Real estate has various aspects which include – sale, lease, license, mortgage etc. It is important to do a title check as well before investing in a property […]

A quick guide to Rent Courts in India in 2020

With people migrating to cities from all over the nation, there’s been a rise in demand for rental properties.  That’s why for so many, a dream house is a property they rent. And for the owners of these rental properties, their assets form a major chunk of their income. Therefore it is important to legally […]

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