Commercial Real Estate Leasing Market Fueled by Proptech

The evaluation and analysis of the features and expenses of residential apartment buildings are now easier than ever. Going online is obviously the first step in finding a domestic or rental apartment. Consider the contents of the ads that suit our requirements after filtering by size, variety of rooms, equipment, location, not unusual place amenities, […]

Residential property prices go up in South India

Prices for residential properties in South India, including Bangalore, have risen by 8–10% in recent years, and they’re likely to continue to rise due to rising input prices and disruptions in foreign supply. The cost of essential raw materials, such as metal, cement, aluminum, and PVC, has grown by 30 percent to 100 percent in […]

Which Are The Best Places To Live In The Gurgaon Area?

Sohana road, Sector 49 Sector 49 is known for its well-equipped residential apartments. The whole Gurgaon region, this region contains the largest residential units. This vast housing area spans 37 acres and is well-connected by all modes of transportation, allowing you to go quickly from one area to the next. Zone forty-nine is home to […]

Everything you need to know about purchasing agricultural land in Karnataka.

Non-farming land can be purchased in Karnataka by Indian nationals and non-resident Indians (NRIs). When it prior to buying agricultural land, meanwhile, there are a number of restrictions. Prior to 2015, the only person who can buy agricultural land was a peasant from the Karnataka state who had a farming background and owned agricultural property.

Everything about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)

The Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA) is a multi-purpose Andhra Pradesh government institution situated in Kakinada that specializes in city development, as established under the Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region and Urban Development Authority Act, 2016.

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