Chandigarh property experts insist on implementing the apartment act


On October 2, an official delegation from the Tricity Property Consultants Federation met with UT advisor Dharam Pal and presented him with a memorandum requesting that the Apartment Act be re-implemented in Chandigarh.

According to the Federation’s chairman, Kamal Gupta, “we requested that the collecting of stamp duty for the execution of general powers of attorney for blood relatives be halted.”

As a result, the Supreme Court has ordered Chandigarh to convene a panel to investigate residents’ property-related grievances, and we would want at least three members of this panel to be drawn from our organization, according to him.

In regards to the Apartment Act, the UT advisor advised the delegation to wait for a decision from the Supreme Court since the case is still pending before the Court. Citing a need to enable box-type structures by covering the backyard terraces to full height in Sector 7 to Sector 30. And allow them to display-cum-sale or general commerce on all floors of commercial buildings; Vinod Joshi, chairman, Building Byelaws sub-committee, CBM, presented a proposal.

Right to service to be implemented

According to the memorandum, the Federation also requested that the Right to Service be applied in the UT estate office, the Chandigarh Housing Board, and the Chandigarh municipal corporation. 

Along with this, standard operating procedures for property issues should be provided to all three offices, and these procedures should be followed consistently. The advisor said that he would check into the concerns expressed by them.

The UT advisor further informed the group that the transfer of commercial property from leasehold to freehold would be permitted after obtaining instructions from the Ministry of the Interior (Home Ministry). The advisor informed them that the UT administration has already begun to pursue the issue with the Centre for Academic Excellence.

While converting shop-cum-flats (SCF) to shop-cum-offices (SCO), Radhe Lal Bajaj, financial secretary, CBM, highlighted the problem of rationalization of conversion and additional coverage costs, which had lately been increased from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 60 lakh.

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