Child-centered families promote children’s overall development.


For a long time, Indian real estate has adopted theme-based developments such as nature-inspired residences and sports-themed townships, among others. Child-centric houses are the new ‘kid on the block,’ with developments offering apartments particularly intended for young couples with children. The unique selling point of these projects is the abundance of facilities geared at providing a caring atmosphere and supporting the overall development of the children. Developers that are intent on breaking into the market with creativity and ingenuity and intent are quickly embracing this notion. While new-age purchasers are enthusiastic about theme-based developments, they may have concerns about child-centric residences. Here are the solutions to the most often asked questions about a child-themed residential property.

Who should purchase a child-friendly house?

According to Rohit Gera, Managing Director of Gera Developments, “the majority of buyers of child-centric homes are young and working parents from nuclear families.” An enterprising family that wants to live life to the fullest but is limited by a lack of resources or time might explore initiatives based on the requirements of their children. Such homes are designed with a human touch in mind, to create a safe and engaging environment for both parents and children.”

While a child-centred initiative caters primarily to the requirements of parents with children aged up to 15 years, it may be beneficial to people of all ages. Children over the age of 15 may also readily discover a variety of activities to help shape their personalities, facilities to suit their leisure and hobby needs, and specific zones to help them develop their talent in sports or academics.

The four pillars of child-centered households

Although many developers are focusing on distinctive child-themed projects to attract millennial customers, the four core pillars of a kid-centric property stay the same, namely enjoyment, safety, growth, and efficiency.


In addition to school, kids learn the most. They learn faster when they are allowed to interact and discover on their own. As a result, a child-centered development that you are going to complete must-have athletic facilities, several parks, and specialised gaming zones.


Parents who are gone at work want to safeguard their children’s safety at all costs. Indoor protective measures that developers must consider include child-friendly sanitation and electrical connections, as well as grilled doors and windows. Vehicle-free zones and other comparable precautions should be part of outdoor safety standards.


Aside from offering instructors for extracurricular activities like cycling, hockey, meditation, art, and dance, a child-centric initiative should also include training academies and coaching workshops so that children may focus on their education.


The main reason parents invest in such initiatives is for the convenience of their children while they focus on their work. As a result, crèche and childcare facilities for parents with babies, toddlers, and small children should be offered inside the project’s grounds.

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