Construction and Demolition Waste Policy is Announced in Chandigarh


The Chandigarh government has issued a Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste policy that allows recycled/processed trash to be reused for rebuilding and other purposes.

This policy intends to enforce the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Weather Change’s C&D waste Management Rules, 2016, which were published on March 29, 2016.

Waste generators would be obliged to deposit C&D waste only to the waste processing facility in Chandigarh’s Industrial Area Phase-l, or other specified place, under the regulation. Discharging C&D garbage in open or non-designated areas will also result in a harsh punishment.

According to Clause 90, waste generators who paid C&D processing expenses at the time of building plan approval would be able to obtain processed material free of cost within one year, equal to 50% of the sums paid at the time of building plan approval.

Some these waste generators who did not pay C&D waste processing fees at the time of building plans approval, or who generated C&D waste as a result of an activity not requiring building project approval, like the remodelling of an established building or structure, will be entitled to receive free C&D processed material equivalent to 50% of the costs estimated and compensated.

Washed sand, filler sand/silt, crushed materials, and PCC goods constructed of recycled aggregates, such as paver blocks, kerbs, ducts, and tiles, are among the products offered at subsidised rates.

By illegally dumping unprocessed trash, waste generators or carriers may be fined Rs 5,500 per vehicle. Each year, the penalty will be raised by Rs 500. The subdivisional engineer/junior engineer of the road wing, as well as the municipal corporation’s enforcement inspectors, will have the ability to issue the challan.

The Chandigarh Authority has started operating its third Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAAQMS) at the Forest Nursery, Sector 53, Chandigarh, as part of its ongoing efforts to safeguard the ecosystem.

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