Vastu Shastra suggestions for residential construction: Gaumukhi plot (or Gomukhi plot) and Shermukhi plot


With the exception of judicial investigative work and documents, there are several components of Vastu Shastra that you should examine while investing in land. Vastu principles are essential for prosperity and well-being since they control the major aspects of nature. The form of the land is one such critical feature that most purchasers overlook. According to Vastu experts, two fundamental plot forms are regarded as fortunate based on their application: Gaumukhi and Shermukhi.

Gaumukhi plots are plots that are small in the front and broad in the back, like the face of a cow, according to Vastu Shastra. Shermukhi plots, on either hand, are large in the front and short in the back, like the face of a lion.

Gaumukhi plot

Gomukhi plots, also known as cow-faced plots, are regarded particularly auspicious for residential usage since the form depicts a cow, which signifies the finest of everything. Buyers must, nevertheless, ensure that the broad section is in the north-east direction and the road is on the southern or western side. Furthermore, the smaller section should not be on the north-east corner. A gaomukhi property with a small section in the east and a road in front is expressly forbidden.

Shermukhi plot

Gaumukhi plots are the inverse of such plots. Shermukhi plots, also known as lion-faced plots, are broad in the front but short in the back. According to Vastu, the larger part of the site must face north, and the road should face east or north. Such plots are good for business uses since they depict the lion, which symbolises power, effectiveness, and authority.

Vastu recommendations for Gaumukhi and Shermukhi plots

  • Plots facing the cardinal directions – north, south, east, and west – are particularly recommended. The electromagnetic axis of the land is approximately parallel axis of the Earth in this kind of plots.
  • The plot’s ratio must not be greater than 1:2. Square plots are best suited since they promote happiness and wealth.
  • Gaumukhi or gomukhi plots are best for residential usage, whereas Shermukhi house plots are best for commercial use.
  • Plots with roads in all four cardinal directions are specifically intended for residential and commercial uses.
  • Ensure that there were no banyan, peepal, or white fig trees within a 100-metre radius of the plot while choosing a gau mukhi plot or a sher muh plot according to Vastu Shastra.

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