Dining Delight: Creating a Vastu-Compliant Dining Space!

The dining room is not just a place to enjoy meals; it’s also where families come together, share stories, and bond. In Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural and design system, the dining room holds a special place as it can influence the overall well-being of the household. By aligning your dining space with Vastu principles, you can create a harmonious and positive atmosphere for your family and guests. Here are 15 essential dining room Vastu tips to ensure that your dining area radiates positive energy.

1. Ideal Location:

  • The dining room should ideally be located in the west or south direction of the house.
  • Avoid placing it in the center, northeast, or southeast corners.

2. Shape and Size:

  • Rectangular or square dining tables are preferred over circular or irregular shapes.
  • Ensure that there is enough space around the dining table for comfortable movement.

3. Seating Arrangement:

  • The head of the family should sit facing east or north while eating.
  • Guests or other family members can sit facing any direction but should avoid facing south while eating.

4. Dining Table Placement:

  • Place the dining table a few inches away from the wall, allowing free movement.
  • Avoid positioning it under a beam or sloped ceiling.

5. Lighting:

  • Ensure that the dining area receives ample natural light during the day.
  • For artificial lighting, use warm and soft lighting fixtures above the dining table to create a cozy atmosphere.

6. Colors:

  • Opt for soothing and harmonious colors in the dining room, such as light shades of green, yellow, or cream.
  • Avoid using overly bright or dark colors.

7. Art and Decor:

  • Hang paintings or art with pleasant and uplifting themes.
  • Decorate the dining area with fresh flowers or indoor plants to enhance positive energy.

8. Mirror Placement:

  • If you have a mirror in the dining room, ensure that it doesn’t reflect the dining table while meals are being served.
  • A mirror reflecting food is believed to multiply wealth.

9. Storage and Clutter:

  • Keep the dining room clutter-free and organized.
  • Use closed cabinets or sideboards for storing utensils and tableware.

10. Direction of Entrance: – The entrance to the dining room should ideally be from the east or north. – Avoid a direct entrance from the bathroom, bedroom, or any negative space.

11. Blessings and Gratitude: – Begin and end each meal with a moment of gratitude. – Offer prayers or blessings before starting your meals to infuse positivity.

12. Direction of Cooking: – The kitchen and dining room should have separate spaces. – Ensure that the cook does not face the dining area while preparing meals.

13. Fresh Air and Ventilation: – Ensure proper ventilation in the dining room to allow fresh air circulation. – Opening windows or doors for a few minutes before meals can be beneficial.

14. Avoid Eating Alone: – It is considered auspicious to eat meals with family or friends. – Avoid eating alone in the dining room whenever possible.

15. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: – Keep the dining area clean and well-maintained. – Regularly clean the dining table and chairs to remove any negative energy.


Harmonizing your dining room with Vastu Shastra principles can enhance the positive energy and well-being of your home. These tips not only promote a pleasant dining experience but also nurture family bonds and positive vibrations. By following these guidelines, you can transform your dining room into a space that nourishes both body and soul, promoting health, happiness, and prosperity for your family.

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