Dubai’s Real Estate Offers Remarkable Affordability Over Mumbai, Claims Dubai’s Influential Business Magnate!

In a bold assertion that has ignited discussions within the real estate industry, Rizwan Sajan, the esteemed founder and chairman of Dubai’s Danube Group, has emphasized the remarkable affordability of Dubai’s real estate market in comparison to Mumbai. Armed with concrete figures and an impressive track record, Sajan’s statement underscores the compelling financial advantages that Dubai’s property sector presents over the bustling Indian city.

Dubai’s Affordability Backed by Numbers

Rizwan Sajan’s assertion finds solid backing in the quantifiable differences between Dubai’s real estate landscape and Mumbai‘s soaring property prices. According to Sajan’s estimations, the Danube Group, under his leadership, has developed an impressive portfolio encompassing nearly 15,000 apartments with a cumulative valuation ranging from 12 to 14 billion dirhams. This substantial figure highlights Dubai’s affordability in terms of cost per housing unit, positioning it favorably against Mumbai’s significantly higher real estate rates.

Competitive Property Pricing

One of the key driving factors behind Dubai’s favorable affordability is its competitive property pricing, which stands in stark contrast to Mumbai’s often exorbitant rates. Data from renowned real estate platforms showcase Dubai’s consistent efforts to maintain stable property prices, with an average decrease of approximately 7% in apartment prices over the past year. In contrast, Mumbai’s property market has remained notorious for its continuously escalating prices, often deterring potential investors due to their prohibitive nature.

Land Development Strategy

Sajan’s claim gains further credibility when examining Dubai’s prudent approach to land development. The city’s strategic planning has led to the creation of new land parcels for construction, promoting a balanced supply and demand equilibrium. In contrast, Mumbai’s land scarcity has led to fierce competition for available properties, driving up costs significantly. Dubai’s judicious land management contributes substantially to its affordability narrative, providing a wide range of options for property buyers.

Investor-Friendly Environment

Dubai’s investor-friendly policies and tax incentives have been instrumental in attracting a diverse pool of real estate investors. Sajan’s Danube Group, along with numerous other investors, has thrived under Dubai’s supportive regulatory framework. The absence of capital gains tax and simplified property ownership procedures create a favorable environment for international buyers, enhancing the overall affordability of Dubai’s real estate market.

Rizwan Sajan’s assertion, supported by the impressive achievements of his Danube Group and the quantifiable data available, shines a spotlight on Dubai’s real estate market as a notably more affordable alternative to Mumbai. The confluence of competitive property pricing, strategic land development, and investor-friendly policies solidifies Dubai’s position as an appealing investment destination. While Mumbai’s economic prowess and unique attributes continue to attract investors, Dubai’s commitment to affordability offers a compelling proposition for individuals seeking lucrative real estate opportunities. As the two cities evolve, potential investors will find themselves considering the significant financial advantages that Dubai’s property market can offer.

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