East Delhi’s best PG locations

East Delhi is a popular alternative for students and working professionals searching for Paying Guest (PG) lodgings due to its abundance of coaching schools and business areas.

The top PG locations in the area, as well as the variables influencing the trend, are revealed in below article

Most undergraduates and many business professionals prefer paying guest (PG) accommodations because they provide a variety of facilities and have lower rents. If you’re searching for a PG in East Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, Shahadra, Preet Vihar, and Shakarpur are just a few neighbourhoods where you may find a variety of possibilities at reasonable prices. Previous and present residents have also ranked these sites as the finest. Almost majority of users appreciated such locations for their excellent connection and recreational facilities, as well as additional factors like the climate and safety.

Laxmi Nagar

Laxmi Nagar is a well-known PG neighbourhood in East Delhi, with a slew of coaching schools and electronics stores. There are various inexpensive PG possibilities on the segments and sub, including builder floors and independent residences. A twin sharing room costs roughly Rs 4,500-6,000 per month in Laxmi Nagar, whereas a single room costs about Rs 7,000-11,000 per month. These fees include power bills; but other services like as food, heaters, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning may be rented for Rs 3,000-4,000 per month.

According to a renter. it is a self-sufficient neighbourhood featuring great transit. A specialized stop on the Delhi Metro’s Blue Line connects the region to Central Delhi and Anand Vihar. Other reviews, on the other hand, have mentioned “regular traffic congestion,” “parking challenges,” and a “water deficit” in the neighbourhood.


At a range of around five kilometres, Shahadra is home to a number of elite universities, including IP University, Shyam Lal College, and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. “The region comprises many double and triple sharing PG possibilities with base prices commencing from as minimal as Rs 4,000 per bed and reaching up to Rs 12,000 per bed,” says Ishu Mittal, a PG owner in Shahadra.

Although most PGs include adequate infrastructure such as a closet, power, and meals, top-of-the-line furniture including a fridge, air conditioner, and washing machine are available for a fee.” In terms of commuting, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses and a designated metro station on the Delhi Metro’s Red Line provide convenient access to popular locations.


Shakarpur, a renowned destination for software training and medical schools, has a variety of single, double, and triple sharing room choices in independent builder floors ranging from Rs 3,000 to 8,000 a month. Laxmi Nagar and Nirman Vihar Metro Stations, as well as Vikas Marg, Madhuban Road, and Noida Link Road, service the region. Shakarpur will now be connected to the under-construction Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System through the New Ashok Nagar Metro Station, according to Aakash Arora, Broker, Arora Properties. Inside near future, this will increase the area’s connection even further.

Although Shakarpur checks all the boxes for a desirable housing centre, several online users complained more about area’s significant excessive noise pollution owing to strong automobile traffic. Shakarpur is also vulnerable to seasonal flooding in monsoons because to its low elevation.

Preet Vihar

Preet Vihar is a well-developed neighbourhood with a large number of families. As a result, it is a safe option for pupils. Preet Vihar is around four kilometres from Laxmi Nagar, a renowned educational, industrial, and retail area. “It’s not hard to find a completely equipped PG in the region; unfortunately, many houses have owners who live on-site, leading in time-bound access and leave.” Monthly PG lodgings in Preet Vihar begin at Rs 4,500 per bed, without including food. Furthermore, the security deposit is approximately Rs 2,000, which is refundable with a 15-day notice.

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