Easy methods to get rid of Vastu dosh in your kitchen

As mysterious as they may appear, adhering to a few straightforward but effective Vastu remedies and guidelines may go a long way toward ensuring that your kitchen is free of all Vastu flaws. Vaastu enables you to sell a sense of wellbeing in the home and maintain stable, high-quality power in your kitchen. The kitchen is, after all, the beating heart and center of your house!

According to Vastu shastra, there are a few commonplace Vaastu flaws that every person should avoid while designing their kitchen:

Kitchen Direction: According to Vaastu Shastra, each household should have its kitchen towards the southeast. Secondary options include instructions from the South or Japan. As another piece of advice, it is suggested that chefs face either the east or north when preparing meals in the kitchen.

Location of the kitchen door: Following Vaastu principles, the kitchen door should open in the north, north east, or east direction in a clockwise motion. However, the door no longer has to be facing the cook’s lower back when the meal is being prepared.

Meal placement: Avoid keeping bulky items like grains and dry, raw ingredients in the northeast corner. It could be best to stay inside the kitchen area’s southern and western directions.

Color: In Vastu Shastra, colors have an important purpose. Since the kitchen is a hot place, you should wear heat-protecting sunglasses in colors like orange, yellow, and brown. Blue cannot exist since it symbolizes water, an element that is opposed to the ground. However, if necessary, green can be employed to fix Vaastu’s flaws.

Dining location: If your dining table is in the kitchen, it should no longer be placed in the center of the kitchen space. Put it along the northwest path.

Place your cooking range in the southeast nook of your kitchen. 7. Positioning of Gas and Electric Home Equipment: In addition to gas, all electrical appliances in the home must be placed in the southeast direction.

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