Essential Vastu Shastra kitchen guidelines

The kitchen is the place in a house wherein food is prepared to feed the people who live there.

We examine several Vastu Shastra dos and don’ts for this important section of the home. In today’s house, the kitchen is the centre of activity. Kitchens are very well spaces featuring cutting-edge technology, wherein members of the family may be observed preparing food, interacting, and socialising among friends and relatives.

The kitchen’s viewpoint

Vastu Shastra, which supports constructing in accordance with the natural laws of the cosmos, includes various criteria for open and closed kitchens to ensure that the home has the proper amount of energy and positivity. According to Jayshree Dhamani, a Vastu Shastra and astrology specialist, the environment in the kitchen is highly significant for the occupants’ health and other advantages.The kitchen’s capacity is also significant. It must not be too tiny. The ideal size is 80 square feet or more. The ladies of the house may be negatively affected if the kitchen is too tiny.

In the kitchen, windows, and ventilation
  • Inadequate kitchen ventilation might cause serious health problems for the lady of the home or anybody else who cooks in the kitchen.
  • To suck the air out, an appropriate window or air exits in the form of an exhaust fan or contemporary chimneys are required. The quality of the food improves when there is enough light and air.
  • The optimum direction for windows in the kitchen is east. In the east, an exhaust fan might also be installed.
Vastu for a kitchen with an open plan.
  • Many Indian families, particularly those who have lived abroad for several years, are favouring the open kitchen idea. For open kitchen design, here are a few Vastu tips:
  • Because both the south and east directions are dominated by the fire element, the south-east is the optimum zone for an open kitchen.
  • Open kitchen layouts in the north zone should be avoided since they limit new career, growth, and financial prospects.
  • Open kitchen layouts are also recommended for the west zone. It promotes physical and financial advantages and excellent health.
Is it Vastu-friendly to have an open kitchen?

In today’s houses, the notion of an open kitchen plan is very popular. According to Vastu Shastra, however, it may cause a flow of bad energy and tensions inside the home. There are certain Vastu cures for an open kitchen that will help you get rid of the bad vibes. It includes painting one of the kitchen walls red and putting a mirror in such a manner that it reflects both the stove and the visitors who are visiting. To encourage a proper flow of energies, set camphor balls, a wind chime, or Vastu crystal balls in the kitchen.

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