How to Increase the Prosperity of your Work Space in Office according to Vastu Shastra?

People frequently try to ensure that their offices follow Vastu Shastra guidelines to attract luck and fortune.

Vastu is thought to play a role in everything you do in the office, from cash flow management to business stability. If properly followed, Vastu can also give rise to holistic well-being and financial prosperity at your workplace.

Seating arrangement department-wise
  • Account department representatives should sit in the south-eastern corner, facing north-east.
  • People working in marketing or sales should face the north-east to be proactive. They can also sit to the north or west.
  • Entrepreneurs should sit with their backs to the north, east, or north-east, as these directions are said to promote growth and new beginnings.
Seating arrangement for managers and owners
  • Managers, directors, and executives should sit in the office’s southwest, south, or west corner. This will assist the workforce in making better decisions.
  • Business owners should sit with their backs to the south or west. Furthermore, there should be a solid wall behind the seat rather than a wooden divider or curtain.
  • People in positions of authority should have a cabin facing west and a cabin facing northeast.
Employee seating arrangement
  • Employees should avoid sitting directly in front of a light source. If at all possible, cover it with a wooden board. Employees should work in the office with their backs to the north or east to increase productivity.
Vastu tips for office décor and Interiors

According to Vastu guidelines, the north direction is ruled by the God of wealth, while the north-east direction is indicative of a person’s financial health. To ensure good financial health, you can keep a mirror or Kuber Yantra on the northern wall of the office.

  • To ensure prosperity, the safe should be oriented north-east. Place your safe in the southwest corner to keep financial documents safe.
  • A water fountain will help to relieve stress while also providing power in the office. Avoid putting outward-flowing fountains near the office entrance. Keep the fountain in the north for career advancement. Flowing water, according to Vastu, represents positivity in the environment and the flow of wealth.
  • Finished goods piling up in the northeast direction must be avoided, especially in front of the office desk. Place these goods in the northwest direction to ensure a smooth clearance.
Vastu tips for the reception at the workplace
  • The receptionist must be settled facing north or east.
  • The logo of the company should be displayed on the reception area’s southern wall. Furthermore, Vastu recommends that the reception desk be positioned sideways to the office’s entrance.
  • Any office should have a reception area that faces northeast or east.

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