Everything about Affordable Rental Housing Complexes (ARHCs)

What is ARHCs?

AHRCs stands for Affordable Rental Housing Complexes. It comes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Urban (PMAY-U).

The goal is focused on urban migrants/ poor. AHRCs provide affordable rental housing to urban migrants/ poor, close to their workplace. ARHCs will be considered till March 2022.

The implementation strategy of ARHCs sub-scheme

1) Implemented in all Notified Planning Areas
2) Statutory Towns
3) Areas under Special Area/ Industrial Development Authorities/ Development Authorities

The implementation strategy focuses on/divided into two models. Model 1 is focused on the utilization of existing Government funded vacant houses by converting them into ARHCs. This model will be supported by Public-Private Partnership or by Public Agencies.

The second model is focused on the construction, operation and then maintenance of ARHCs.

Who will benefit?

This sub-scheme of PMAY-U covers a complete spectrum of varied groups. The main focus is to help in reverse migration. As because of covid19, a lot of workers are migrating. Along with these, measures to increase workers’ productivity, steps to save cost on housing are also included.

ARHCs Beneficiaries are

1) Varied groups of urban migrants/poor from EWS/LIG categories. This also includes Industrial Workers & construction workers.

2) Migrants working with market/ trade associations, Educational/ health institutions, Hospitality sector, Long-term tourists/ visitors -Students etc.

What is the objective of this scheme?

With the scheme of ARHC, the Government is aiming for multiple benefits. A few of them are mentioned below:

1) Better living environment for the workers. As urban migrants/poor always face quality living standard issues.

2) Workforce near workplace will also improve productivity.

3) Economically beneficial — Vacant properties will get filled.

4) Strengthening of Municipal finances.

5) This sub scheme will also promote new investment opportunities and entrepreneurship.

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