LiDAR technology to survey properties in Navi Mumbai

An official claimed on Saturday that the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is using the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technique to scan residences inside the civic borders. According to municipal commissioner Abhijit Bangar, the organization in charge of the survey has been instructed to complete the primary portion of the paintings by the end of July this year.

During a review of the survey artworks, he issued the instructions. Video capture with a 360-degree panoramic perspective is a feature of the LiDAR era. A special software might be used to survey the dwellings. Drones may be used to do the survey, and the process of obtaining approval from unusual agencies can be started with their help.

In light of rapid urbanization and to boost civic body sales, the LiDAR era, together with GPS mapping, is being employed for the survey, he noted. The study will assist in updating information on the corporation’s dwellings, as well as pipes, stormwater drains, street lights, and other municipal facilities. The survey might also include a tree census, according to Bangar. He stated that a committee has been formed to exhibit the house survey.

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