Get a fish aquarium & bring positivity into your home- vastu shastra tips

What could be a better idea than bringing an aquarium into your house if you want to incorporate a water element? However, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a fish tank.

Where should one place a fish aquarium?

A fish tank in the proper spot can bring vitality to any room in your house. A fish tank is thought to ward off evil spirits and create a peaceful atmosphere in the home. Many Vastu flaws may be remedied with an aquarium. Aquariums should be placed in the living room’s southeast corner, according to Vastu Shastra. Place an aquarium in the north direction if you wish to put it in another room. In the workplace, an aquarium can be maintained in the reception area, to the north or the east. It can also be kept in the northwest or southeast directions.

Décor items for your aquarium

Decorative plants, stones, pebbles, and figurines add to the aquarium’s charm. Choose only a few and don’t overcrowd or overfill the tank. Any color of gravel can be used, but if you want to follow Feng Shui, use blue gravel in the north and green gravel in the east or south-east.

There are aquarium live plants available that can be employed. Plants like java moss, java fern, Amazon sword, water wisteria, and others should be kept. Live plants, unlike fake plants, are auspicious, but they take more upkeep. In fish tanks, any fiber décor pieces and plastic plants that do not radiate colors can be utilized. Small coins that attract prosperity can be maintained in the aquarium, but they must be wrapped in plastic to avoid affecting the water chemistry. Copper coins should be avoided. Seashells and corals are not allowed in freshwater aquariums. Accessories that are damaged or chipped should be avoided.

When utilizing aquarium lighting for decoration, keep in mind that it should be turned on for around 10 hours every day. To sleep at night, fish require darkness.

Which Fishes to keep in the aquarium according to Vastu?

The following are some of the luckiest fish breeds:

  • Arowana (dragon fish) is a kind of Arowana.
  • Goldfish
  • Blackmoor/Butterfly Flower-horned Koi fish
  • Fish called guppy
  • Cory catfish is a kind of catfish.
  • Angelfish

Freshwater or saltwater fish are available. Before purchasing any fish, make sure they are compatible. Do not overcrowd the aquarium; fish are territorial and will kill other fish if there isn’t enough room. Choose colorful, attractive, and healthy fish for your aquarium.

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