Gift of Digitised Land record for J&K

In Phase II of the Digital India Land Records Modernization Project (DILRMP), the Kulgam district of south Kashmir is leading the digitization process as the land information of 115 out of 273 sales villages had been completely digitized. Deputy Commissioner Kulgam, Dr. Bilal Mohiudin Bhat, kicked off a Digi Mela this week within the district and addressed a meeting for the duration of which he stated that digitization of land information and electronic government records, In addition, a 24-hour district digitization center has been set up at the Mini-Secretariat where Pathwaris and other officers work on the digitization of the land information. “We are leading in the digitalization of land information in phase II.” This week is being observed virtually.

From July 25 to July 30, JK will observe a virtual week to educate people about e-governance and online program options. The district is divided into seven tehsils: Kulgam, Damhal Hanji Pora, Devsar, Frisal, Yaripora, Pahloo, and Qaimoh. Digitized land passbooks are being distributed to landowners throughout the district under the virtual India initiative and in response to the ongoing virtual week. According to records shared with the aid of the district administration, land information of one hundred and fifteen sales villages of the district has already been digitized. Speaking to the authentic, it was revealed that fifty-one out of the eighty-one sales villages in the Kulgam tehsil have had their land records digitalized so far.

In an interview with Rising Kashmir, Tehsildar Kulgam Bilal Ahmad said, “Tehsil Kulgam has 81 sales villages, and we’ve already digitized land information for 51 villages. According to him, the digitization of 30 villages should be complete in 10 to 15 working days. The landowners in Jogi Pora village were completely covered and issued land passbooks. Tehsildar Kulgam stated that land passbooks for Nursing Pora village had been created and had reached half of the village. According to Basher Ul Hassan, SDM D H Pora, 18 sales villages’ land information had been digitized. “We have finished digitizing 18 villages out of fifty-two sales villages in D H Pora and Tengam land proprietors have been given land,” he says.

According to Mohd Iqbal, Tehsildar Yaripora, Tehsil Yaripora has completed digitizing 20 of the 35 sales villages, and among them, land passbooks for 2 villages have been produced. The digitization of 26 villages has also been completed in tehsils such as Devsar, Qaimoh Pahloo, and Frisal. The land information modernization initiative was launched gradually. In the beginning, scanned data had been posted online on a platform where jamabadi of a complete village could be obtained.

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