Gram Panchayats in Karnataka can now approve building proposals.

The government issued an ordinance allowing gram panchayats to give building permits inside their boundaries. Following governor Thaawar Chand Gehlot’s approval, the Karnataka Municipalities (Amendment) Ordinance, 2002 was notified. This implies that residents in rural regions no longer have to go from pillar to post to obtain a building plan approved by municipal planning officials.

“Previously, residents in rural regions had to acquire construction plans authorized by town planning authorities of municipalities if they wanted to build residences on a site of more than 30x40ft,” a department of legislative affairs representative explained. “This was the underlying source of corruption, and it was also the source of many accusations of official harassment.” The clause in the Karnataka Municipalities Act has now been removed.”

According to the authority, the modification to the legislation immediately authorises gramme panchayats to sanction development designs regardless of the size of the property. Citizens will save time and money as a result of this.

The adjustment was presented last year, and the council passed the ordinance at its most recent meeting. The law will be submitted in the legislature’s monsoon sitting, which is slated to take place in July-August, according to officials. The government has unveiled a draught youth policy and is seeking public feedback.

The government issued the first draught of the Karnataka State Youth Policy-2022, designed to motivate youngsters, and requested public feedback within 10 days. The draught policy was presented by KC Narayana Gowda, the youth development and sports minister, and the final policy would be declared on June 15.

“The strategy is being implemented to guarantee the overall development of Karnataka’s young, who represent 30% of the state’s population. This encompasses their schooling, nutrition, health, developing skills, and career, among other things “Upon obtaining the draught policy drafted by a team led by former IAS official V Balasubramanian, Narayana Gowda stated.

The government has made the policy public and solicited public comment. Gowda stated that the policy will be established depending on public sentiment and would be presented to the board for approval. The draught was created by the group focusing on 4 key areas of focus: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health, sports and fitness, and value-based leadership. It also includes a distinct youth budget, similar to the main budget.

The education proposals attempt to increase enrolment rates and reduce dropout rates, while the health portion concentrates on protecting children from addictions, nicotine, alcohol, and opioids.

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