Ground level flats: what are the pros and cons?

Ground-level flats are often priced lower than high-level flats. It is almost like a taboo in the real estate market. Questions like should you opt for ground-level flats are quite common. Does this mean that a ground-level flat is somehow inferior to higher-level flats? Well, the answer to this is not quite simple. Both types of flats have their advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on the choice of the homebuyer. Here’s a detailed pros and cons list of ground-level flats so you can make the decision yourself.

Pros of buying a ground-level flat

Unfortunately, because of all the taboos associated with ground-level flats, the pros get lost in the noise. There are several advantages of buying a ground-level flat, including the cheaper price range.

  • Better accessibility and inclusivity – Ground-level flats are more accessible and inclusive to people. If you have family and friends with disabilities or senior citizens, a ground-level flat must be your top priority. Since ground-level flats do not require lifts, they have a more wheelchair-friendly infrastructure. By eradicating the need for lifts and stairs, ground-level flats become more inclusive. There is no endless waiting for the lift or frustration when the lift is out of service. Furthermore, ground-level flats are great for young children and pets.
  • Easy renovation Renovation is easier and often cheaper for ground-level flats. For instance, plumbing projects or floor damages can be better resolved without disturbing your next-floor neighbours. Since there are usually no stairs involved, the whole process is smoother and hassle-free as compared to a high-level flat. Moving into a ground-level flat is also easier and more convenient.
  • Access to outdoor space Ground-level flats come with access to outdoor spaces like a backyard or a garden. If you’re a plant mom, a ground-level flat means more open spaces for your plants.
  • Running costs are cheaper One of the biggest advantages of buying a ground-level flat is the running cost. It is usually cheaper to maintain a ground-level flat as compared to a flat on a higher floor. For instance, in summers, the ground floor flats are much cooler than those on higher levels. In winters, ground-level flats are warmer. This reduces additional costs and makes ground-level flats more affordable. Often, people choose to opt for ground-level flats without a garden space to reduce their overall costs. They usually compensate by choosing a flat with a park nearby. Ground floor flats are therefore more convenient overall. Especially in terms of deliveries and maintenance charges. However, they do have their cons.
Cons of buying a ground-level flat
  • Ground-level flats are noisier While this depends on the location of the flat, ground-level flats can be noisier than high-level flats. If the building is located on a busy street, the ground-level flat is more vulnerable to noise. Moreover, if you have a high-level flat, you don’t have to listen to the sounds of people entering and exiting the building as most ground-floor flats are located near the entrance.
  • Security issues A major reason why ground-level flats are not preferable is the security issue. Most people believe that ground-floor flats are more prone to security threats like breaking and entering or burglary. However, they fail to see that ground-level flats can be safe too, especially in the case of a fire alarm. That being said, ground-level flats are more likely to have a security issue if the location of the building is not safe. It can also be a problem in flood-prone areas.
  • Lack of natural light Ground floor flats often do not have access to sufficient natural light and fresh air. Flats on higher floors receive more natural light and fresh air because of their altitude. The design of the building affects the access to natural light. Limited natural light also means a seepage issue in the flat. However, this problem can be solved with clever architectural design.
  • Privacy issues Ground floor residents often complain about privacy issues. Firstly, there is more noise due to its proximity to the street. Secondly, the movement  around the entrance can be a hiccup. Privacy issues can also result from the low boundary walls of the building.
Should you go for a ground-level flat in India?

There is no easy answer to this question as ground-level flats have their own pros. Yes, they are best for aged people, patients, families with children or people with disabilities. However, they can also be modified for better living. For instance, smart security systems and clever architectural designs can go a long way in minimising the cons of ground-level flats. You could also install windows bars and alarms to secure the perimeter of your ground-level flat.

Moreover, the safety of the ground-level flat also depends on the location and the neighbourhood of the building. Similarly, noise pollution depends on the location. There are several external factors involved which can make ground-level flats more marketable in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What is a ground-level flat?

A ground level or ground floor flat is a flat that is on the same level as the ground outside.

2. Are ground-level flats safe in India?

Ground-level flats are usually safe. However, their safety is also proportional to the location and design of the building.

3. Should I buy a ground-level flat?

A ground-level flat is the most common choice for families with kids, pets, disabled persons and senior citizens. It is also a top choice for patients who cannot use the lift or stairs.

4. Why are ground-level flats cheaper?

Depending on the quality and value of the building, ground-level flats can be availed at a cheaper price. However, ground-level flats with access to gardens are often costlier than higher-level flats.

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