Here’s how to apply for a UAE Golden Visa via property investment.

Real estate developers in the UAE help individuals obtain the Golden Visa by investing in real estate. The following are the methods, prices, and prerequisites.

Individuals can now qualify for a Golden Visa via property investment under the revised visa regulations, which went into force on October 3.

Individuals purchasing off-plan property or with a mortgage now have the alternative of obtaining a 10-year residence in the UAE via a Golden Visa, as part of the country’s goal to encourage further investments and enhance the incentives for long-term residents.

The UAE has reduced the amount of property investment necessary to receive the Golden Visa considerably. The new laws also make no mention of property transactions, such as whether the apartments are available off-plan, paid for with a mortgage, or bought in cash.

And here is the how to get a Golden Visa through property investment:

Department of Land in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department can help real estate investors apply for a Golden Visa (DLD).

Step 1: The consumer goes to a DLD Service Centre.

Step 2: The consumer provides the necessary papers and pays the costs.

Step 3: The medical evaluation takes place in the centre.

Step 4: Passport visa stamping

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • The accessibility of a digital copy of the title deed certificate
  • Personal photograph
  • Health insurance that is valid
  • Emirates ID Original

Terms of Investment

Ten-year investor visa:

  • Required AED2 million property or owned part (one or more properties) under the applicant’s name
  • If the property is mortgaged, the bank must be paid at least AED2 million of the property’s worth. In this scenario, a NOC letter and a paid amount letter are also necessary.
  • A husband and wife can own a home together, although a marriage certificate is necessary.

Developers of real estate provide Golden Visas.

In the UAE, real estate developers have started to provide the Golden Visa with property purchases of AED2 million or more.

Here are two companies that now provide the service:

Developers Samana:

Investment of at least AED2 million is required. As long as the investment is kept, the residence can be maintained. The firm, which has witnessed a surge in the number of international investors interested in the UAE property market in recent months, said it has established a “one-stop solution” to help foreigners in acquiring the 10-year visa.

DAMAC Real Estate

When purchasing a home with DAMAC, the property developer will assist you in obtaining a 10-year Golden Visa. DAMAC allows bitcoin payments as well.

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