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Building a home in Delhi can cost you a fortune if it is not well-planned. The high cost of labor and raw materials will add to your burden and shake your budget up a bit. Thus, it is crucial to calculate various costs and create a plan involved in process of building a home to avoid further problems.

While purchasing a ready-to-move-in property permits you to take prompt possession, building a home from scratch involves research and patience. By the by, the happiness inferred in the last option is unmatched since you can alter your abode as per your personal requirements, budget, and preferences. Regularly, the expense of developing a house in Delhi with basic amenities is Rs 2,700-3,000 for every sq ft. The main parts of the construction cost include fixed cost, variable cost, and regulatory approvals.

The primary thing that comes to our minds while planning for building a house is the total cost involved in the process. In spite of having a budget, certain individuals are overwhelmed by their indecisiveness. According to new research, the normal cost of constructing a standard-level flat in Delhi is around Rs 2,750 for each sq ft. This could differ according to the expense of legal compliances, labor charges, and the cost of raw materials. Coronavirus has likewise stayed a significant spoiler as the construction cost has gone up by 5-6% because of the shortage of labor and the challenges incurred in obtaining raw materials. The expense spiked altogether post the first lockdown, however, the pressure in prices can still be felt.

Regulatory norms in Delhi

Before constructing a house in Delhi, it is essential to follow the by-laws set up by the state government.

These building by-laws incorporate heights, setbacks, Floor Area Ratio (FAR), ground coverage, and general building requirements like stilts, boundary wall, canopy, and balcony among others. For example, the average height of a building that has a flat roof is measured from the ground to the top level of the structure.

Note- Ensure that the layout is nowhere faulty and abide by all the construction norms. A layout is the pictorial representation of the connection which is present between spaces, it is also known as the floor plan. Based on the above laws, you can ask for help from an architect or design the layout by yourself. Further, the process of layout approval includes costs that also should be included in the total construction cost.

Architectural themes

Interior decor and architecture are a crucial part of the home construction process as they structure 8-15% of the development cost.

Contemporary Architecture- Defined by more geometric shapes and straight lines.

Old style Architecture- Involves columned porches, cornices, moldings, and carvings.

Neoclassical Architecture- It is a mixture of contemporary and traditional plans

Super Modern Architecture- It includes mixing outdoors with indoors through cantilevers, open decks, and glass walls.

Variable cost

Civil work- The critical foundation of a house is understood by the civil works, which include waterproofing, plastering, masonry work, shuttering, steelworks, concrete works, termite treatment, and excavation.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP)- MEP work is very important for any construction activity. Thus, specialists suggest that only A-grade materials like wires and heavy-duty cables should be used.

Finishing touches- A house isn’t anything without the right final details. It is the place where luxury is reflected. Completing the work incorporates furnishing, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, woodwork, lighting, walls, ceiling, flooring, and facade.

Building your fantasy home can be a fulfilling and exciting experience. The opportunity to plan every step of your house-building project and make choices that will convert into something beautiful is a very big responsibility. Hence, before you start, understand the scope of work as it will make the process rewarding and more efficient.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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