How can I apply for a land use change in Pune?

In Pune, you must apply for a Property Conversion Certificate from the Revenue Collector or District Collector if you wish to utilize your agricultural land for development. On agricultural property, in particular, some severe restrictions and regulations forbid further development unless it is submitted to the authorities. The government subsequently issues the proprietor with a CLU certificate, allowing them to utilize the agricultural property for all non-agricultural uses.

Based on land usage, Pune’s land conversion charges When turning over agricultural land for residential use, there is a 50% fee. the whole market worth of the asset When agricultural land is turned into commercial land, a 75% royalty is assessed. the whole market worth of the asset. And 20% of the land’s entire worth is paid as rent when it is converted from residential to industrial use.

How do I submit a Pune land use change application?

To modify a land use certificate in Pune, take these steps:

1: Deliver the application form to the district collecting location where the farmland is situated in the proper format and with all necessary documentation.

2: The County Collector sends a copy of the application to the Tahsildar after receiving it.

3: To get IRS permission, the Tahsildar would physically inspect the facility. The tahsildar confirms details such as the landlord’s ownership of the property, any overdue debts, and legal duties, such as B. whether the property breaches a development plan.

4: Within a month following the property inspection, the county tax officer issues a rezoning order.

5: Following the issuance of the Land Conversion Order, the County Examiner gives the Tahsildar permission to amend the Land Revenue Records in line with the amendments made to the Land Use Change Certificate.

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