Hyderabad RWAs launch new campaign to improve greenery

The city’s Residential Welfare Associations (RWAS) have introduced a special effort to boost vegetation in housing developments. The United Federation of RWAS (UFERWAS) has developed a thorough strategy program to attract homeowners to grow saplings within their apartments.

According to the RWAS, because the city is shedding its greenery owing to various infrastructural development, they have chosen to expand flora within residential complexes given to common spaces.

“Our goal is to turn Hyderabad into a green city. We have chosen to urge every household in housing developments to grow saplings after being motivated by the state government’s Haritha Haram initiative “UFERWAS said.

President of UFERWAS, VBJ Chelikani Rao, who is spearheading the project, stated that he has asked the RWAs involved to obtain plants at no cost through GHMC nurseries and give them to flat owners.

“Residents can choose the plants they want. They may cultivate attractive plants as well as therapeutic ones. Buyers can select from a variety of plants offered at the nursery “UFERWAS’s president stated.

A few RWAs stated that they had already asked that additional saplings be planted in the houses of their residents. UFERWAS announced a big social media effort to urge additional plant saplings and assist the city to become a national example.

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