In Maharashtra, fire evacuation elevators are required in high-rise structures.

Developers in Maharashtra will now be required to construct fire evacuation lifts (FEL) in high-rise structures of 70 metres (about 22 storeys) or above. The Maharashtra Government’s Energy Department has published a directive declaring it compulsory. This is in response to a statement made by BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation in 2018.

Following several disasters in Mumbai in recent years, there is a growing demand for effective fire safety and fire evacuation systems in place in high-rise structures. According to the Mumbai Fire Brigade, there were more than 48,434 small and large fire incidents in Mumbai from 2008 to 2018, with 1,568 documented in Mumbai’s high-rises since 2008, destroying 8,737 residential structures and about 3,833 commercial buildings.

Evacuation of individuals is a crucial problem during big fire situations in high-rise buildings. This regulation will have a retroactive impact since buildings built throughout 2018 and 2022 will be required to include an evacuation procedures elevator in accordance with fire department regulations.

Evacuation procedures lifts are special elevators that are built to withstand a catastrophe for at least two hours and are located in a separate hallway of the building that is not in use. While tenants and occupants should not utilise existing elevators in the event of a fire, evacuation procedures lifts are extremely useful since evacuation may be completed more quickly.

“Time is critical while combating fires,” says Vikram Mehta, Managing Director of Spartan Engineering Industries and Fire Evacuation Lift Expert. A few seconds might mean the difference between manageable flames and an uncontrollable firestorm. As a result, fire evacuation lifts are critical for evacuating people before the fire spreads out of control. It will be a lifeline for both firemen and the general public.”

Even though the advisory was given in 2018, just 13 of Mumbai’s 368 skyscrapers had fire evacuation elevators, according to an HT article. In 2022, 21 buildings in Mumbai and Thane will have fire evacuation elevators constructed.

According to Harrish Jain, vice president of the Brihanmumbai Developers Association, who agrees with the circular, “the advice that fire evacuation elevators are necessary for high-rises of 70 metres and beyond is a good and long-awaited gesture.” This improves tenant security and guarantees a fundamental safety element that developers must consider. By making it compulsory, people’s safety and evacuation would be prioritised.”

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