India’s Largest Affordable Housing Project In Solapur to be Inaugurated Soon!

The largest housing project in India for economically disadvantaged groups will be officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Solapur, Maharashtra, next month. This large-scale 100-acre project in Raynagar has a lofty goal of building 30,000 houses in total, with a staggering 15,000 units already constructed.

The project’s 300-square-foot homes come with a reasonable price tag of Rs 6 lakh, making them affordable for qualified recipients. A family’s annual income cannot be more than Rs 3 lakh to be eligible. The beneficiaries include a wide variety of people, such as ragpickers, garment workers, textile workers, beedi workers, construction workers, and unorganized employees.

The government is putting a lot of effort into this project, with help from the PMAY. It’s a big step towards providing affordable homes to different social groups. In addition to Solapur, the government is also working on cluster-based development projects, like the redevelopment of Dharavi slums in Mumbai. To do this, they need to sign MoUs. They’re also thinking about revitalizing Kamathipura in Mumbai, which is a red-light district. The government is also taking steps to tackle environmental issues, with a team of 20 interns working with different government agencies to come up with a plan to combat climate change.

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