India’s top 5 green buildings

As younger clients grow more conscious of their carbon footprint, real estate developers across the board are altering their strategies to remain competitive. Green buildings are increasing in popularity as India approaches its carbon independence objective of 2030. As a result, the emphasis is on constructing eco-friendly constructions that employ energy-efficient technology. Here are some of India’s most notable green structures that have prepared the path for future generations:

Which Are The Five Ten Green Buildings In India?

  1. Gurgaon ITC Green Centre

The ITC Green Centre, which spans 1,80,000 square feet, has established a new standard for green buildings in India. The building, located in Sector 32, Gurgaon, has been given the Platinum Green Building certification by USGBC-LEED (Green Building Council-Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), earning it the first corporate residence in India to get this honor.

  1. Pune Suzlon One Earth

‘One Earth,’ with a capacity of 2300 people, is another LEED Platinum-certified building. The building was constructed with low-energy components, decreasing its environmental impact. Natural light enters 90 percent of the building’s inhabited space.

  1. Noida’s Patni (i-GATE) Knowledge Center

Patni Knowledge Centre, which has been awarded the renowned LEED Platinum certification, is the next green building in India. The building’s depth is constructed in such a manner that it absorbs daylight for 75 percent of the inhabited interiors, while being erected across 4,60,000 sq ft in suburban Noida. About half of the land is set aside for open green space.

  1. Chennai Olympia Tech Park

The Olympia Tech Park, situated in the heart of Chennai (Guindy), has grown to become one of the largest and most sought-after IT parks in the city. Because the tech park contains MNCs that work day and night, energy-saving measures and an eco-friendly atmosphere are required.

  1. Kolkata’s Infinity Benchmark

Next on the list is Infinity Benchmark, a LEED Platinum-certified green building with a total area of 5,60,000 square feet distributed across 20 floors. CO2 monitoring sensors and clever humidification controllers keep the building’s air quality in check. The building’s exterior walls are composed of brick wall block, and the roof includes beneath deck thick polyurethane foam for building envelopes.

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