Mumbai BDD chawl redevelopment to start in phases


What exactly are Chawls?

A chawl, which is popular in Maharashtra, is a one- or two-room flat with a long hallway and shared bathrooms and toilets with other renters. Its design is that housing units are on both flanks of the passageway, with a massive outdoor plaza in the center.

Regarding BDD chawls

During 1920, the British built the 207 BDD chawls providing low-cost accommodation for industrial workers, dock workers, civic as well as other government staff.

Remodelling of the BDD chawl

The Maharashtra government has begun the remodelling of the BDD chawls in Mumbai. The Bombay Development Directorate chawls in Mumbai are referred to as BDD chawls. The government declared the rebuilding of Worli’s almost couple of centuries BDD chawls in stages during the initial stone-laying ceremony on August 1, 2021, attended by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and NCP chairman Sharad Pawar. The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) will serve as the program’s coordinating body. 

According to industry experts, the BDD chawl remodelling will be one of Asia’s largest cluster redevelopment projects overseen by a state government. The BDD chawl redevelopment in Worli, Mumbai, has been awarded a Rs 11,744-crore contract by Tata Projects Limited, Capicit’e Infraprojects Ltd, and Citic Group Consortium.

According to industry experts, this rehabilitation is among Asia’s largest cluster urban renewal handled by a state government. Tata Projects Limited, Capicit’e Infraprojects Ltd, and Citic Group Consortium have been awarded a Rs 11,744-crore mandate to rebuild the current BDD chawls in Worli, Mumbai, in phases.

Worli rehabilitation plan for BDD chawl

Project rehabilitation of the BDD chawl will be done in two stages. In the first stage, 23 buildings in Plot B will be redeveloped, while 19 buildings in Plot A will be rehabilitated in the second stage. As per the planned BDD chawl renovation project sanctioned by the planning authority cell of MHADA, three basements plus stilt plus 22 storey structures will be built to recover the inhabitants. MHADA has begun with the Worli BDD chawl rehabilitation project with dismantling the very first structure. There are a total of 42 structures here. As fast as the demolition is over, work on a new building will begin on the location. 

As per sources, qualifying property owners will be awarded 500 sq ft flats completely free of charge on an ownership premise under the BDD chawl Worli rehabilitation programme for the 195 chawls on the 34.05 hectares of government property in Worli. Slum residents would be allocated 269 sq ft dwelling units as part of the Worli BDD chawl renovation. And over 1,700 households of employees in the public sector that are residing in BDD chawls following their departure, are also eligible for free accommodation under the rehabilitation project. Such units would be distributed from MHADA’s excess flats but will have no bearing on the distribution of units in other groups. Furthermore, starting of January 1, 2021, the Maharashtra government has issued the qualifying for free accommodation in the bdd chawl program to persons who pay the rent.

The Maharashtra state government issued a directive permitting MHADA to enter into new house-sale deals with BDD chawl occupants. The BDD chawl redevelopment residents who transferred to transit houses but whose identities have indeed been picked in the raffle, would accept the contract house-sale agreements. In February 2021, a lottery for 272 BDD chawl units was held. This step will assist solve the difficulty of renters not endorsing the reconstruction project.

Although residential properties in Mumbai’s BDD chawls will be affordable for qualified residents, the Maharashtra cabinet declared that the state legislature will charge Rs 1,000 for stamp duty and agreement fees each house. It is a welcome relief for residents of BDD chawls, as stamp duty in Maharashtra is currently set at 5% of the property’s worth.

After receiving a report on the status of the BDD chawl rehabilitation project, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackrey instructed authorities should speed up the process. Whereas the renovation of BDD Chawls in Worli, NM Joshi Marg, and Naigaon has begun, the rehabilitation of BDD Chawls in Sewri has been temporarily suspended. And over 960 families residing in 12 decaying houses in BDD Chawls at Sewri are still awaiting for their housing renovation project, by an FPJ assessment. Its because, whilst the Mumbai Port Trust is the owner of the land of Sewri BBD and willing to prolong the lease, lack of approval from the center to initiate the project has placed the BDD chawl reconstruction project in this area in the backseat.

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