People living in Mumbai are eagerly looking forward to the Metro Line 5

The Metro Line 5, which connects Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan, is believed to make traveling smoother for Mumbaikars and boost the housing demand in areas surrounding the route.

All of us hate to wait for long periods stuck in a traffic jam, and it feels like time doesn’t pass when you are stuck in those long car queues. Our worst nightmares are traffic jams, be it as a student or an employee. Metro is a very effective and cheap way to overcome this hurdle and manage time properly. The importance of the metro is undeniable in a busy city such as Mumbai. The ongoing project of Metro line 5 that connects Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyan would de-stress the Mumbai railway system, which has been operating more than its capacity for more than forty years now.

The railroad in Mumbai has been a primary way of connecting the working people to their offices for the longest time. The MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) declared that it had erected the first pole for Metro 5 in January 2021. Those who knew its significance applauded for this achievement of the development authorities.

Why is Metro Line 5 vital?

Metro 5 would link areas that presently have only the railroad as a feasible means of transport.

  • It is an economical choice for many Citizens in Mumbai. It is still a better and faster option than the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) buses, which have undergone a rise in their total journey time owing to the prevalence of vehicles on city roads over the last ten odd years.
  • Development of Metro 5 is essential since the route would link one area to the other, with the possibility to move via Metro 5 to Metro 4., thereby connecting Wadala to Kasarvadavli. It also links Metro 12 from Kalyan to Taloja.
  • The Kalyan to Taloja line would offer another alternative for passengers to commute from the central regions to Navi Mumbai, as presently the Thane-Belapur-Panvel rail line is solely the alternative option.
Ways in which the metro would assist everyone

As for every mass transit network, the first factor that increases is the quality of life, accompanied by real estate prices. This took place when the real estate value in Mumbai was likely to dwindle during the past 6 months. A substantial spike was there in residents’ interest when authorities announced the metro ventures a few years back. Afterward, people avoided investing when they understood that the initiatives would eventually take years, so there was a decline in the desire to invest in and around the Metro systems.

EMIs are reasonable now, thanks to low rates of interest on home loans, and consumers realize that the moment to invest is right now because rates are the lowest relative to the last six to eight years.

The construction of a 24.9 km high passageway along the Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan route with Fifteen stops is designed as a portion of the metro project. A company named M/s Afcons Infrastructure Limited got the contract to construct a thirteen-kilometer engineered suspension bridge with six stations from Kapurbawadi to Bhiwandi. The project by M/s Afcons has already begun in September 2019.

It will establish connectivity between the current Metro 4 route, the present Central Railway network, and the planned Metro 12 line. The conduit would offer an efficient mode of travel for Mumbaikars.

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