Owing to CRZ breaches, a luxury resort in Kerala may be demolished.

A comparable incident has occurred less than a month after the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida were demolished. The Supreme Court granted demolition orders for Kapico, a seven-star resort in Kerala, in 2020, but the procedure has only recently begun. The resort, valued over Rs 200 crore, would be suspended for breaking the State’s Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) guidelines. Continue reading to learn more!

It appears like 2022 will be a year of demolitions! In August 2022, two massive residential and commercial skyscrapers will be built in Noida, along with a seven-star ultra-luxury resort in Kerala. While the Supreme Court of India ordered the destruction of the 36,000 sq ft Kapico Resorts complex in 2020, the procedure has now begun. The state government has reclaimed ownership of a portion of Poramboku property from Kapico Kerala Resorts Private Limited. Poramboku refers to simply lack lands that belong to the government. The property is worth Rs 200 crore.

Kapico Kerala Resort Development Project

The luxury resort project was constructed on seven hectares of land near the Vemband lake on the Nediyathuruth island in Panavally village, Cherthala Taluk, Alappuzha. Construction work started in 2007 and was finished in 2012.

The resort complex had 54 luxurious villas for holidaymakers, each measuring 350 square feet. The primary component covers 17,000 square feet. At total, 2,000 pillars have been built in the resort.

Demolition orders issued by the courts

The Kerala High Court issued demolition orders for the resort in 2013. The resort was accused of violating Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) guidelines and of encroaching on private property. While the resort’s entire land area was 17.34 acres, only 11.23 acres could be validated using necessary paperwork. The additional 7.26 acres were Kayal poramboku property that the developers had encroached on. The Kerala Conservation of Wetland and Paddy Land Act was also violated. The management then filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

In January 2020, the Supreme Court denied the management’s plea and maintained the High Court’s order to destroy the upscale resort built on 36,000 square feet of property.

Plan of action for destruction

Krishna Theja, the Alappuzha district collector, recently seized ownership of the encroached poramboku land. Poramboku land is land that is not within the jurisdiction of the tax department.

The administration has now been ordered to present to the local authorities a comprehensive implementation strategy for the demolition process. Once the authorities have given their final consent, demolition will proceed.

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