Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) is likely to reshape Bangalore’s real estate scene.

The Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) is Bangalore’s Third Ring Road, built by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA). The 73-kilometre circular road will link Hosur Road, Tumakaru Road, and NICE Road to make a complete circle around Bangalore’s limits.

The massive project will ring Bangalore, a city widely regarded for its IT/ITeS centres and new-age industries. Once completed, the development would add additional connecting points to Bangalore’s real estate landscape.

Now let’s examine the megaproject and its anticipated influence on the Bangalore real estate market.

PRR Bangalore: Project Specifications

The Peripheral Ring Road will be a 73-kilometre-long circular road with eight lanes (100 metres wide) and four service lanes. This will serve North and East Bangalore, as well as Anekal. The section would go from NICE Major Intersection on the Tumkur Road to National Highway-44 on the Hosur Road, passing through Bellary Road and Old Madras Road. It will also be linked to the semi-circular NICE Road at BIEC and Konappana Agrahara.

The Third Ring Road’s Necessity

Well over 10,000 heavy trucks are projected to utilise the Outer Ring Road, which is also under strain from surrounding real estate development. The new Kempegowda International Airport also drives traffic here. Given the traffic congestion on current highways and the rising number of new automobiles in Bangalore (the district is seeing a 10% yearly automobile increase), authorities revived their attention on the Peripheral Ring Road.

Bangalore PRR: Ecological Consequences

Environmentalists are concerned that around 33,000 trees will be removed for PRR construction. This venture will also have an impact on Jarakabandekaval’s forest land and six bodies of water. The officials have devised a strategy for replacing the trees that will be cut down. Nevertheless, the final Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) assessment is still pending since certain project features have been amended.

Bangalore PRR’s distinguishing traits

According to the project plan, some space in the median will be left unoccupied for future metro developments. It will also include helipads and electrical charging facilities for electric vehicles.

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