PMC decreases the width of the Katraj-Kondhwa route from 84 to 50 metres.

According to an HT fact sheet, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has lowered the width of the projected Katraj-Kondhwa route from 84 metres to 50 metres due to land acquisition issues. The 3.5 km Katraj-Kondhwa road expansion is one of the most expensive road projects, with a sanction of Rs 215 crore (allocated in 2018) to complete the job.

Due to property acquisition issues, a review meeting led by municipal commissioner Vikram Kumar concluded that the current road will be expanded to a width of 50 metres. Issues such as road widening and land acquisition will be addressed in the future.

“A lot of challenges are being encountered for securing land for the road,” says VG Kulkarni, chief of the PMC road department. The current 50-meter segment will help travellers by minimising traffic congestion. At the same time, PMC will strive to purchase property for the road widening plan.”

With this change, fresh proposals for the development are scheduled to be submitted soon, as the project cost would now be lower than the budgeted Rs 215 crore because of the reduction in road width. The concept to enlarge the Katraj-Kondhwa route was initially proposed in 2013. Work to widen the road to 84 metres began in 2018 and was intended to be completed by December 2021, however, just 25% of the work has been done as of now.

The Katraj-Kondhwa route is vital since it connects Satara Road to Solapur Road and carries substantial traffic. The Katraj-Kondhwa road is now congested, with a width of 15m to 20m.

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