Prestige Real Estate Takes the Lead with Extensive Mall Expansion Across India!

Prestige Group is giving the South of Bengaluru a major retail makeover as they bring their biggest and newest project from the Forum portfolio to life with the opening of the Forum at Prestige Falcon in the area.

Today marks another big success for our own Prestige Group – Forum Malls! We’re proud to announce the inauguration of the biggest and newest mall in South Bangalore, Forum Falcon City. It’s the first piece in our new inventory and perfectly sums up the spirit of Bengaluru. We’re looking forward to having unlimited retail, entertainment, and F&B options in the years to come, and our goal is to grow our presence through strategic expansion. With our upcoming projects, we’re hoping to give up to 7 million square feet across cities, which should help us build a strong presence.

Prestige Group’s CEO of retail, Muhammad Ali, talked about the Group’s biggest retail investments so far. He said it’s a huge honor to launch their biggest retail venture yet – Forum at Prestige Falcon City, right in the cultural hub of South Bengaluru. “This mall is the first of our new portfolio and we wanted to capture the essence of old Bengaluru – the garden city,” Ali said. “We started Forum in 2004 and it was the realization of a dream and now we’re rethinking it to create a new breed of malls that cater to the next generation of customers.”

Prestige Falcon City’s Forum Mall is going to be one of the most iconic places in Bangalore. It’s not just the design that sets it apart, it’s also the best location any brand could want. It’s right in the middle of South Bangalore, right at the intersection of NH1, NH2, and NH3, and it’s sure to draw in the most discerning buyers.

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