RERA 2.0 Gateway will Automate Paperless, Faceless Operations

GujRERA will launch its new portal on 24 November 2022. GujRERA’s old portal was shut down on 16 November 2022. According to sources, the new GujRERA portal has been developed following the provisions of the RERA Act as well as GujRERA regulations. The new portal will facilitate business in the real estate sector by removing the need for paper-based registration, change, and extension processes. The portal will be faceless and paperless.

According to GujRERA, they received several comments from stakeholders about the changes that needed to be made to the old portal that had been in place for over five years. The old portal required some information online and some offline. The new portal will have all the processes done online. The old portal had the due diligence done one after the other, but the new one will do them all at the same time, making the registration process faster.

According to the sources, the new portal will allow data to be filled in instead of having to upload PDFs as was the case on the old portal. “If there is a mistake in the data, we can fix it right away,” said one of the GujRERA officials. “So far, project alteration and extension requests have been physical, but now they will be online so that developers from other cities don’t have to travel to Gandhinagar,” said another GujRERA official.

GujRERA launched a new version of its portal in March 2022 and around 350 registrations were made on that portal. Due to some problems, GujRERA has decided to launch the new portal on November 24, 2022.


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