State-Wise Land Records Name: Check Land Records in India Online

The digitization of land details has made it possible for landowners to easily search land-related documents by name. Landowners can now easily access their residential land documents, commercial land documents, industrial land documents, agricultural land documents, etc. online without any difficulty. The process of searching the land records by name has been digitized in most states. You don’t have to stand in long queues in the tehsil offices to get the land records. The Government has taken steps to improve the digitization of the administration and management of land in several Indian states. The lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the need to have easy access to land records and relevant information at the disposal of the landowners. By digitizing the land records, the process is made transparent and secure for the land owners.

What is the land record? 

Land records are legal documents that provide information about a particular land parcel or plot, including ownership details. Land records include records record of rights (ROs), tenancy records, crop inspection records, mutation records, and contested case registers. In the past, checking land records was a time-consuming process requiring frequent office visits. Today, most of the states have digitized the entire process, allowing citizens to conduct a land record search based on their name and type.

The Importance of Digital Land Records 

Land records were one of the most difficult and time-consuming documents to maintain. This resulted in property disputes, land scams, fraud, and litigation. The Government took care of this problem by launching the Digital India land record modernization program, which was earlier known as NLRMP. According to reports, 92 percent of the land records are now digitized. Most of the states have completed digitizing their land records, while the rest are in the process of doing so. Under the Digital India land records modernization programs, documents such as land registration, bhu naksha (or cadastral) maps, mutation records, and more are being digitized. The centralized land records online management system makes it easy for citizens to search their land records by name in a few clicks.

Types of Land and their Uses 

Commercial: These land types are used for commercial structures, such as shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, etc. The type of operation or category of operation allowed in this area is governed by commercial zoning laws, which must be followed. Parking facilities, setbacks, permissible heights, etc.

Residential: This land type is used for residential purposes, including single- and multi-family homes. Various densities and types of dwellings can be developed, including low-density homes, mid-density homes, high-density homes, etc. Residential areas can also include hotels, hospitals, etc. 

Agricultural land: These lands cannot be utilized for activities other than agriculture There are many laws governing the number of Non-Farm Dwellings, the size of the property, and the activities permitted in these zones.

Industrial: The use of industrial land is contingent upon the nature of the industry. Depending on the industry, businesses in heavy, medium, and light sectors may be permitted in industrial zones once all environmental approvals have been obtained from the government.

Rehabilitation: This land is used for the creation of Public Parks, Open Spaces, Sports Arenas, Golf Courses and Swimming Pools 

Public Use: Public use land is used for infrastructure development such as health care and education.

How to search state-wise land records by name? 

To search state-level land records on official state websites, follow the steps given below: 

  • Go to your state’s official website Select the Bhulekh option 
  • Complete the required information on the website, including your name 
  • Enter your security code or captcha if needed 
  • Your details will be shown on your screen 
  • Download the document if available and save it for future use

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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