Residential building heights might be raised, according to NDMC


The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has recommended raising the height of residential dwellings inside the town by 2.5 m to improve the utilization of available land. If this happens, property owners could be permitted to build five-story residences following the Delhi Master Plan 2041. Examine more to get the rationale behind the idea.

Anil Baijal, the town’s previous Lieutenant Governor (LG), has requested that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) raise the height of residential buildings by 2.5 meters to facilitate five-story dwellings under the Delhi 2041 Master

The highest point that residential dwellings may be built to is 15 meters, according to the updated Delhi 2021 Master Plan. There are other exceptions for parking on stilts and using solar panels. The new maximum building height, nevertheless, might be 17.5 m if the most recent proposal is approved.

“Delhi’s population density is expanding rapidly, and land scarcity is developing into a huge worry,” says Jai Prakash, a former mayor of the NDMC. For engaged events to utilize the available land as effectively as possible, we have recommended the expansion inside the tops of residential dwellings. Governmental organizations also lack the land needed to start new housing projects due to the rapid population growth in the capital. There isn’t any other option at this point than to let everyone else create the highest standards.

Expanding on the idea, participating police said that the availability of public services determines the number of living things in a given area. An additional burden will be placed on the already-failing urban infrastructure by new housing innovations. Such development should only be permitted following a thorough examination of the areas inside the recommendation. Additionally, formerly illegal colonies that have been authorized must no longer be included in the proposal. The recommendation may be implemented most effectively in areas where there is room to improve commonplace services like sewage lines, parking lots, and water facilities, to name a few. For the crucial permissions, the NDMC has sent the proposal to the LG and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

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