Selling a property, you must consider following

Planning to sell property?  It’s not as easy as pasting up ‘for sale’ sign and waiting for the buyers to come to you.  Before publicly announcing, make sure you know basics of selling and not land up in any false deal. Few tips and tricks you should know about property selling.

Planning to sell your property, choose the right way to do it.
Sell your property smartly
Here are important points before striking a deal:

1. Selling price of the property: You should have thorough knowledge of prevailing price in the locality. This either can be done by talking to friends, brokers or visiting online property portals like PropertyPistol. Brokers will give you knowledge about purchasing power of the buyer and rates other sellers are quoting. Online portals like PropertyPistol are quick and easy where you can search locality wise properties with their price in just a click. Price should be competent, not very low not very high. Be it independent house, Bungalow, duplex or a flat, price varies depending on the size of the property. In addition to, you should consider what all features you will be giving inside it. Features like fully furnished, property in building which is having all the amenities, prime location are the key factors which decides property price.

2. Condition of the property: Buyer’s are nowadays very specific in choosing property, thanks to the increasing prices, they take buying decisions cautiously. They do explore many options either through brokers, online portals or directly. Seller should keep the condition of the flat livable and well maintained; this helps in closing good deal in a short time.

3. How to reach out to buyer?  There are number of ways one can reach to a buyer. Online portals like PropertyPistol can help you reach many buyers in few minutes. You just have to click property photos, upload on their website with property details and price. Interested buyers will contact you directly. Second way is to approach reliable brokers who have contacts with buyers. Brokers help in showing your property to the prospects and closing deal on your behalf.

4. Sale deed: Once buyer confirms of purchasing your property, you should take a token against confirmation. When both parties mutually agree to reach to an agreement, agreement to sale document is prepared that sets terms & conditions for future transactions. The creation of the agreement to sell means terms have been placed for the transaction while the creation of sale deed means the purchase has completed. As mentioned in the agreement to sale, the two parties have to conclude the sale within a set period after executing the agreement to sale.

Make sure all the supporting documents are in place and payments have been cleared before handing over the keys to the next owner of the property.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. Propertypistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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