Empowering Brokers: Syndicate by PropertyPistol Transforms the Real Estate Landscape!

Syndicate by PropertyPistol is positioned as India’s most trusted platform for real estate brokers, offering a range of services to help brokers scale their businesses with ease. The platform provides an end-to-end service that takes care of various aspects of the real estate brokerage process, allowing brokers to focus on their core tasks. Some of […]

PropertyPistol’s Doorstep Rental Agreement Service from the comfort of your home!

Property agreements can be registered online in various states, including Maharashtra. The person/landlord wants to do this by setting up a profile on the e-filing website. After completing the profile, the customer wants to enter a variety of details about the possessions, including the village, taluka, possessions type, location, address, and other available information.

Data Analytics & Its Growing Influence in Indian Real Estate

Technology has vastly changed the global scenario. While every other thing was transformed with technology, the real estate industry somehow remained slow to adopt this change until now. Considering the data the real estate sector produces each day, more companies now rely on cutting-edge technologies to use it for better success rates.

The Relevance of PropTech in the Post Pandemic Era and Beyond

As the Covid-19 hit, the entire world was in deep uncertainty about the jobs, inflation, income, and even survival but the technology which skyrocketed during the same time was PropTech. And experts have even predicted that it will rise exponentially in the upcoming years.

Selling a property, you must consider following

Planning to sell property?  It’s not as easy as pasting up ‘for sale’ sign and waiting for the buyers to come to you.  Before publicly announcing, make sure you know basics of selling and not land up in any false deal. Few tips and tricks you should know about property selling.

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