Stamp duty and registration fees for commercial real estate in Kolkata

When transferring ownership of a business’s assets, such as its stores, offices, and showrooms, stamp obligations, and registration fees must be paid. Prices vary across India and are set by the governments of the various states and union territories. You must keep in mind the stamp duty and registration fees levied by the West Bengal government for the metropolitan city if you’re considering investing in commercial real estate in Kolkata. The attention cost or circle rate is used to determine the stamp obligation. You must select the best number for calculation, calculate your price online by visiting a reputable government website, and submit your results.

You could choose your minor or major transaction here, as well as the neighboring body. Input the market value of your assets and the captcha code on the screen. You will receive the amount due for the stamp requirement and registration fees from this.

Therefore, if the value of the assets is less than Rs. 25 lakh, the stamp requirement is constant at 6% for all dwellings that may be found inside the notified regions and the Kolkata metropolitan area. If the assets cost more than Rs. 40 lakh, the stamp obligation is fixed at 7% of the assets’ cost. Homes worth less than Rs. 25 lakh may be subject to a 5% stamp obligation if the property you wish to purchase is situated in a Panchayat region. A 6% stamp duty is applied to residences valued over Rs. 40 lakh that are situated inside the Panchayat regions.

The value of the assets has a significant role in determining Kolkata’s Property Registration Fees. A registration fee of 1% of the total asset value is required for residences that are worth more than Rs. 25 lakh. You must understand that these prices aren’t determined based on the idea of the cost of the transaction between the buyer and the seller. Prices are determined based on what the assets are now worth in the market.

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