Summary of the Saket real estate market!


Saket is a neighbourhood in south Delhi. It is a well-known residential neighbourhood in Delhi. The social infrastructure is well-developed, as is the transportation system.

In Sanskrit, the term Saket means “a location in the skies.” The region is split into residential blocks, which include the Press Enclave and residential blocks beginning with the letters A through N. Saket’s real estate is well-developed. In Saket, there are several types of flats and apartments ranging in size from 1-BHK to 4-BHK. Saket also has flats and independent residences. Builders in Saket include Bhagvati consultancies and Mahagun Group, who are building several flats and apartments in the area.

Saket schools and other social facilities

Saket’s schools include New Green Field School and Gyan Bharti School. Geetanjali Hospital and Chikitsa Hospital are two hospitals in Saket. State Bank of India ATM and Yes Bank ATM are the banks/ ATMs in Saket. The retail malls in Saket include DLF Place Saket and DDA Shopping Complex. The Delhi Pavilion and the Hard Rock Café are two popular eateries in Saket.

Connectivity to nearby Saket areas
  • It is 14 kilometres from Saket to Indira Gandhi International Airport.
  • The distance between Saket and New Delhi Railway Station is 15.3 kilometres.
  • There are various bus stops around that might help you go to different areas.
Employment centres in the vicinity of Saket
  • It is 14 kilometres from Saket to Connaught Place.
  • The distance between Saket and Hauz Khaz is 4.6 kilometres.
  • Saket and Janakpuri are 21.1 kilometres apart.
Saket price trends

From October to December 2016, the pricing trend for multi-story apartments in Saket was as follows: The most expensive neighbourhood is Rs 18,762 per sq ft, the average locality is Rs 15,183 per sq ft, and the least expensive locality is Rs 11,605 per sq ft. The maximum locality price for builder floor apartments is Rs 21,419 per sq ft, the average location price is Rs 17,928 per sq ft, and the lowest price is Rs 14,437 per sq ft.

Benefits of Investing in Saket

Saket is among the city’s most developed residential areas. It is one of the most well-known residential districts, and most people want to live there. The airport and train station, as well as business hubs, shopping malls, and restaurants, are all nearby. This area’s transportation infrastructure is excellent, and inhabitants can move without difficulty. Property prices are increasing as people’s desire for this location grows. Real estate investors may invest in this location without fear of losing money. This region is in high demand, and the fact that it is in south Delhi makes it even more appealing to residents.

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