Dandiya and Safety: Women’s Guide to a Worry-Free Celebration!

Dandiya nights, often associated with the Indian festival of Navratri, are vibrant and joyful celebrations marked by music, dance, and colorful attire. While these events are a great opportunity for women to have fun and showcase their traditional dance skills, it’s essential to prioritize safety in crowded and lively environments. In this blog, we’ll discuss […]

Future of the Indian real estate industry in 2023!

As new regulations and reforms aimed at fostering growth and investment in the industry have been introduced, the Indian real estate market has seen major changes. Several trends and variables are expected to influence the future of the Indian real estate industry as we look ahead to 2023.

Real estate trends to watch out for in 2023!

The Indian real estate market reached a new peak in 2022. With considerable improvements in both home sales and new buildings, this positive trend is anticipated to last well into 2023, with sales remaining higher than in 2014 and better than in 2022. Despite numerous ups and downs in recent years, the Indian real estate […]

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