What exactly is an encroachment?

Encroachment is described in real estate as trespassing or intruding on another’s a property without their consent. Although property invasion might put your asset at risk, there are ways to deal with it. In the viewpoint of the law, infringement of property rights carries a penalty. This blog has provided an overview as well as […]

Kanpur Metro project to be accelerated for Rs 747 crore!

The Yogi Adityanath administration has allocated Rs 747 crores for Kanpur Metro in the budget deficit, which was introduced in the legislature on Thursday. This funding commitment will hasten the completion of the Kanpur Metro. The Metro currently operates on a nine-kilometer elevated track between IIT and Motijheel.

What is an affidavit, its Importance, and format

An affidavit is a written declaration of events that is proclaimed to be accurate and delivered before a person with authority. In India, an affidavit can be sworn before the following people:

Dos and Don’ts When Purchasing a Rental Property

An investor who wants to buy a home and rent it out should access the procedures with caution to maximise profits and prevent a major financial loss from a poorly picked property. There is a huge amount of work and effort associated with owning your first rental property as an investment, from the original decision […]

Need for Environmental Sustainability in the Realty Sector

Environmental sustainability is an essential factor for human health. As per the World Health Organization, about 24% of the deaths can be traced back to avoidable environmental factors. The responsibility to conserve and protect natural resources and global ecosystems that promote health and well-being is a part of environmental sustainability. The need for environmental sustainability […]

Budding vacation home destinations in India

When it comes to how the real estate market has evolved in the previous year, many themes spring to mind: individuals are wanting to buy larger houses, home offices are being included in the plans, and workcations are the new status quo. Another growing trend is individuals buying vacation properties.

Aurangabad’s climate action plan to come up by 2023

AURANGABAD: By 2023, a course of action for Aurangabad, Maharashtra, would be developed to prepare the city for climate threats and hazards. According to local authorities, one of the system’s essential parts will be a drop in greenhouse gas emissions.

All About Land Survey Number

Local governments in towns map every inch of land available to them and assign precise numbers to the property as part of record-keeping for sales reasons. This larger diversity is referred to as a land survey broad variety since it works as a means of identifying a specific land piece. An identifying number is granted […]

Data Analytics & Its Growing Influence in Indian Real Estate

Technology has vastly changed the global scenario. While every other thing was transformed with technology, the real estate industry somehow remained slow to adopt this change until now. Considering the data the real estate sector produces each day, more companies now rely on cutting-edge technologies to use it for better success rates.

Housing Made Affordable: The Growth Of Indian Real Estate

The Indian real estate market has always been chaotic, owing to the lack of a regulator and a frequent imbalance in demand and supply. However, when the chips are down, one phase that has consistently functioned as a lifesaver has been low-cost housing.

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