Mumbai Metro Lines: Route, Map, Stations, and Latest News

The Mumbai Metro has revolutionized the city’s transportation system, providing a swift and efficient mode of travel for millions of commuters. With several lines connecting key areas of the bustling metropolis, it has become an integral part of Mumbai’s infrastructure.

Decision to shift metro car shed project back to Aarey!

Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, instructed the government’s criminal division to inform the Bombay High Court that once the nation gains access to electricity, it will move the metro vehicle storage facility to Aarey Colony. Fadnavis also criticized everyone who was opposed to the Aarey car shed project, saying that the issue […]

Colaba-SEEPZ Metro Corridor

2150 trains run in Mumbai everyday carrying millions of people to their destinations. But finding a foot-space in a train is a challenge for every Mumbaikar. Mumbai’s lifeline is now not enough for people in the city.

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